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APBL Rules

Sim Schedule –Unless otherwise noted, 7 Day sims will occur on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! After the trade deadline has passed, a fourth sim per week will be added on Saturday's. Exports are due by 8:00am EST on those days and will be simmed in the am on most days. If there is a change in sim time, I will try to notify everyone ASAP. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure an export is in by 8am, in case a sim needs to be run early.  You can check if a sim has been completed on the top of the main page at where it lists the date and time of the last league file uploaded. There will also be a post in the Last Sim Forum announcing when the sim is complete.

  Activity – First and foremost activity in the league is a must! While there are no official rules activity will be watched.

  • Exports – While there are no official rules on how often one is to export, it should be done on an as needed basis, if we notice an extreme amount of time without a team exporting we reserve the right to pay closer attention and if needed take further action.

  • Message Board – Being active on the forums is also a big part of the APBL. Both checking the board frequently and participating in discussions is greatly encouraged.  While there is no set frequency on how often should check one, we can check who has checked the message board in the past 7 days.  This will also be used to measure how often one checks the board.  By not checking the board, you can be missing important news and announcements that can affect the APBL.

  • Message Board Posting – After each sim, the simmer will post a message announcing the completion of the sim.   These posts are great for discussing what happened during the current sim. A little note about your teams performance, or a player on your team is a great way for you to stay active and keep the rest of the league aware of happenings on your team they may not see on their own. It is also a good way to alert other teams of player performances of someone who you may be putting on the trade block.  While there is no set amount one should post, owner participation on the board is will also be used to measure how active one is in the league.

League Settings – Below is a rundown of many of the league settings in OOTP 2007/8.

  • Major League Games: 162
  • Number of Playoff Rounds: 4
         Wild Card Play In - Three Games
         Round 1 - Divisional Series
         Round 2 - Championship Series
         Round 3 - World Series
  • Coaches and Scouts: Disabled
  • Feeder Leagues: Enabled
         1 College Leagues
         1 High School League
  • Ammy Draft: June 15th (20 Rounds)
  • Trade Deadline: July 31
  • DFA and Waivers: Enabled
        DFA set to 15 days
        Waivers set to 8 days
  • Option Years: Enabled
  • Talent Change Randomness: 50%
  • Overall Ratings: Overall
  • Player Actual Ratings: 1-10
  • Player Potential Ratings: 2-8
  • Other Ratings: 1-10
  • Show Ratings > Max: No, Cut Off
  • Salary Cap: $0
  • Cash Cap: $25,000,000.00
  • Injury Level: Low
  • Ghost Players: Enabled

Trades – Trades are to be posted on under the Trades Forum in the Transactions section. 

  • Owners must list each team with what they are sending right beneath it including players, picks and cash. You also must list what level the player is at. Any trades that are missing information may not be processed, as we do not have time to search through six levels of an organization for players.
  • Draft Picks may only be traded for the following two drafts. Once a draft is completed, you may now trade for a pick for the next two drafts.
  • A player drafted in the year of the current draft is ineligible to be traded until the following season.  For example, a player drafted in 2010, may not be traded until 2011.
  • Please see the following link on how to post a trade. If you do not follow this format, you may delay your trade being processed. How to post a trade
  • You may trade any pick up to the 4th Round.
  • As far as acquiring traded draft picks, at max you may have:
    * 2 first round picks
    * 3 second round picks
    * 3 third round picks.

Off Season FA

  • Offseason free agency will be handled in game. At this time, we will sim the winter meetings in one sim. Afterwards, we will sim 10 days sims until we reach the begining of February. At that time we will sim the first half of February in one sim, then to the begining of Spring Training in the second sim of February which will finish up the Off Season FA.
  • Option Years: You may only offer a player an option year that is no greater than 20% of the LAST guaranteed year of the contract. Furthermore, the option year cannot be more than $2,000,000 above the LAST guaranteed year of the contract.
  • Contract Bonuses/Incentives - Are once again allowed in the APBL.  While there are no specifics set as to what can be offered all offers must be reasonable.  For example, if you offer an MVP/Cy Young bonus, the player should clearly standout as a potential candidate.  Same goes for incentives for At Bats/Min Innings.  A incentive offered to a player who has never matched that mark before will not be valid.  All Bonus/Incentives are subject to reasonable review.   (If you see a player requesting what you feel may be a bonus that is odd, please point it out as well. What will not be accepted is if I am notified of a crazy bonus request and I am notified only after the contract is offered.)
  • Any contract that does not abide by these rules will be immediately declared void. The player who agrees to the contract will be immediately released to FA and will re-enter the FA Market. Furthermore, if the same team wins two successful bids for the same player with an illegal contract, that owner will be immediately removed from the league and will be replaced.
  • Signees may not be traded until June 1st of the following season.
  • All contracts are subject to reasonable review.

FA Compensation-

  • In-game compensation is NOT used, and can be ignored. You should NEVER give out arbitration to a pending FA that you do not want to keep, as it does not determine FA compensation and you risk retaining the player for a high salary
  • To receive a compensation pick for losing someone to FA, the following must be met:

    1. The player was on your team for the entire year (starting from opening day)
    2. The player was lost to FA (i.e. the player was not released with a non-option year remaining)
    3. The player in FA was signed by another team to a contract with guaranteed money exceeding 40 million (guaranteed money is non-option years + player option years. It ignores vesting and team options years and performance bonuses)
    4. The average yearly value of the guaranteed money must exceed 15 million.
    5. The player must be signed off of FA by opening day

Contract Extensions -

  • You may not offer a player with less then three years Major League Service Time, a contract extension that takes him beyond his arbitration eligible years or into free agency. If you check a players "Contract & Status" page and his Major League Service time is under 3 Years, that means the final year of the contract offered may not excede the first year the player is eligible to become a free agent. So, to put it in simple mans terms, if a player has at least 2 and less then 3 years of service time, he may only be offered a three year contract at that time. If a player is Super Two Eligible, you may sign him to an extension beyond his arbitration years.
  • Once a player has become arbitration eligible or has more then three years of Major League Service Time you may offer a player an extension beyond becoming a free agent. All contracts are subject to reasonable review.
  • Check out the Contract Bonuses/Incentives section of Off Season FA for more on this subject.

Minor League Rosters (Added 11/11/11) -

  •  There are now limits to how many players you may hoard on your minor league roster.  They are as follows:
    • AAA - 25
    • AA - 25
    • A - 25
    • Short A - 25
    • Rookie - 40

Stadium Enhancements

  • You may increase the capacity of your stadium, up to a maximum of 60,000 seats. The cost of expansion is $2.5m/1,000 seats plus a $2.5m construction charge. For example, 5,000 extra seats will cost $15m.
  • $250K for each factor of one that moves closer to 100
  • $1M for each factor of one that moves away from 100.
  • No stadium may be more then .7-1.3 at any rating.  Anything beyond those ratings will be fixed to match the limit.

Amateur Draft

  • The draft class will be announced 75 days before the actual draft and will be run using OOTP:OU.
  • If a pick is missed by a user without letting the league office know, once the pick is auto'd, it will remain so for the remainder of the draft.

Other Rules

  • "Minor League Signings/Releases" in the Manager Settings page MUST be set to yourself and not AI controlled. This will mess up the International FA Signing period and ruin it for the rest of the league. Given the effect of this for other GM's in the league, failure to do so for future International Signings will result in loss of ALL international signings and a $5 million dollar fine.